BARC reorganization results in record adoptions & praise from Houston Chronicle

Mindy_DAS_saddog4 There’s an interesting editorial in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle about the positive changes taking place at BARC, (formerly the “Bureau of Animal Regulation & Control”, but that name is now gone from their website in favor or the kinder, gentler, acronym “BARC”).  It seems there is some very positive news finally come out of the long-maligned shelter – an adoption weekend last month that found homes for a record 435 dogs and cats. 

The editorial credits a “reorganization” of sorts that started two years ago. “Then in May 2009, Mayor Bill White shifted BARC to the Department of Administration and Regulatory Affairs. More than 60 staffers were fired, and a long process of crafting a healthier bond with the animals began.

Sometimes change can be a good thing.  And it doesn’t have to be as the result of a battle that tears the community apart.   Go figure.

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Photo courtesy Mindy Sewell

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