Dallas Animal Services & Humane Society of West Texas partnership saves 100 cats and kittens in one day

One of the kittens transferred to HSWT

It’s kitten season once again and Dallas Animal Services is overflowing with cats and kittens with nowhere to go.  But this past Friday, nearly 100 kittens and their moms got a second chance when the Humane Society of West Texas in Lubbock stepped in and transferred them all to the foster-home based rescue group.

It was a huge undertaking, and a great example of how partner organizations can help each other save more lives.  DAS staff and rescue coordinator worked overtime Friday, processing the necessary paperwork for all 100 cats and kittens. HSWT volunteers were able to get on the road with their precious cargo late that afternoon, arriving back in Lubbock very late Friday night. They then stayed up most of the night getting everyone fed, watered, and settled in.

Another kitten transferred to HSWT

Any way you look at it, 100 cats and kittens are a lot to care for.  If you live in the Lubbock area, and would consider fostering weaned kittens, or momma cats with nursing babies, please email jake.beverley@sbcglobal.net or call 806 792 1983.  They just need a safe place to stay for a few weeks until they are ready to be adopted. Foster parents generally buy their own supplies; vet care is paid for by HSWT. HSWT also supervises the foster pets during adoption events each weekend. And if you are looking to adopt a pet, fosters get first choice to adopt their foster pet.  HSWT would like to come back to Dallas this week for some of the pregnant cats they weren’t able to include in the first trip, but they can only do that if they can find enough fosters.

Mom and kittens transferred to HSWT

If you don’t live in the Lubbock area, and still want to help, HSWT is in need of donations of kitten food, cat food, and KMR kitten formula  – KMR is especially needed, as some of the kittens do not have mommas and are too young to eat on their own.  They also need Heat Factory warmers and cat play pens.  HSWT has an online wish list at Amazon.com.  Supplies purchased from Amazon are shipped right to the HSWT office. Please note that Amazon doesn’t include donor contact info, so you’ll need to email hswt.org@gmail.com for a thank you note and tax receipt.

For updates and more information, visit the Humane Society of West Texas on Facebook.

One of the kittens transferred to HSWT

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