Some thoughts on Reverend Wright, Sadie, and the bond for Darius Ewing

Darius Ewing, Dallas County photo

When Darius Ewing, the man accused of burning a puppy in Pleasant Grove last month, turned himself in a judge set his bond at $ 100,000. His lawyer has since requested a bond reduction hearing because his family can’t afford the money necessary to get him out of jail.  That hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. on the 6th floor of the Frank Crowley Courts Building.

In a recent NBC5 report, the Rev. Ronald Wright, of the group – ironically named –  Justice Seekers Texas, is quoted as saying “A bond to be set at that [$100,000] is an insult. It says that dogs are more important when it comes to African-American men.”

Let’s think logically through the Reverend’s statement, and try to ignore the race card he’s clearly playing. I don’t recall ever hearing of an instance where someone intentionally and maliciously murdered someone and their bond was set at less than $100,000.  Involuntary manslaughter, maybe, but not intentional murder, which was what was done to justice.  But I may be wrong.  If I am, then those same local leaders in the African American community that are taking the time to hold press conferences about it, need to instead be down at the DA’s office demanding higher bonds for murderers, and spending time making it known to the criminal court judges that they want to see them set higher bonds.  It’s something  animal welfare advocates have been doing for years.  But under no circumstances does a murderer’s bail being set too low does mean animal cruelty bonds should be lowered. That’s rhetoric, my friend, and nothing more.

One of the rules judge’s are supposed to follow when assigning bail is that the community’s safety must be considered. Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown that rapists and serial killers started out being cruel to animals, and I’m sure the judge knows that, once again because animal welfare advocates have taken the time to educate and lobby local judges for harsher penalties. There is no arguing that there is a significant risk of danger to the public from someone who demonstrates this kind of cruelty. Yes, he is still innocent – but would you willing to take that chance if this man lived in your neighborhood?

And now the Reverend is claiming his own dog’s death is retaliation for his statements, so let’s take a quick look at that as well.  Why didn’t he call police if he thought it was retaliation? Why did he contact the media instead?  Why no necropsy (the canine version of an autopsy)?  Why did the head of animal control in Balch Springs tell him over the phone it sounded like poisoning? There are plenty of other poisons that a dog can get into.  Some of the most easily  accessible outdoor poisons that can kill your dog are: charcoal lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, lead, lime, paint thinner, cleaning fluids, rodent poison, turpentine, cocoa mulch.  There’s no evidence that I’ve read or seen that this dogs death was intentional.  Did Animal control even go to the Reverend’s house?  Did they see the dog’s body?

If the Reverend’s dog, Sadie, was intentionally poisoned, I would like a police investigation into the dog’s death. And then I want the person responsible caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I don’t think you’ll hear a single animal advocate complain if someone is arrested in Sadie’s death and bond for that person is set at $ 100,000 – regardless of that person’s color.

And finally, is Fox 4 the only station that reported this? Shaun Rabb needs to get back out to Balch Springs and do some more investigating.  In my opinion.


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3 Responses to Some thoughts on Reverend Wright, Sadie, and the bond for Darius Ewing

  1. Judi says:

    It’s ludicrous that an animal advocate or activist would poison someone’s dog because he/she didn’t like what the owner had to say.

  2. RHONDA HOLE says:

    Well said!
    I saw the Fox 4 video. I have a hunch Wright himself put out rat poison because he had a rodent problem because the conditions Sadie lived in were the deplorable conditions rats thrive in.

  3. Patti says:

    I have an idea, let’s set Darius on fire…….an eye for an eye

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