HSUS launches “Rescue Central” an online resource for rescue groups

hsussiteLast week the Humane Society of the United States launched a brand-new resource, Rescue Central, a division of AnimalSheltering.org.  The new site is designed to provide all the information rescue groups need to run the most effective and humane rescue organization possible. Talk about impeccable timing. 

Animalsheltering.org website has long been a reliable source for animal shelter staff looking for information on best practices in a variety of areas, and now rescue groups will be able to benefit from HSUS’ expertise as well. From the latest money saving tips to expert advice on recruiting and retaining foster homes, the new Rescue Central section of animalsheltering.org has it all.

To help you navigate this new section, it is divided it into four segments: Business of Saving Lives, Rescuing Done Right, Show Me the Money, and Building Solid Relationships.

To run a successful rescue, you need more than just animal smarts—you need business savvy. Starting off right will help set your organization up for long-term success. In the Business of Saving Lives area you can learn the technicalities of starting and running a rescue: Starting a rescue (includes the legal issues involved), building an effective board, and managing your resources. 

Every rescue feels the pressure to do more, but sometimes that can result in providing less than ideal care for the animals you already have. In Rescuing Done Right, you’ll find tools to help ensure your animals are getting the very best care, every single day: Best practices (The Five Freedoms, the ASV Guidelines, hoarding resources and state and local ordinances, as well as volunteer program materials, foster program guidelines and ideas to maximize adoptions.

The love you put into your rescue is free, but everything else costs money! In Show Me the Money, you’ll discover tips on how to attract new dollars and stretch the ones you already have even further, as well as tools to help you keep your group financially stable: fundraising ideas, grant writing, and ways to cut costs on day-to-day operations.

No one can do it alone – rescuing animals takes successful collaboration with other groups – like it or not. Whether it’s using social media or coalition building you need help with, or if you’re just looking for ways to network with other rescuers, the Building Solid Relationships section offers tools you can use to build your network of support for the animals, and find new ways to reach and interact with other rescuers.

Whether you work with rescue partners, volunteer with a rescue, or just want to learn more about rescuing, stop over at Rescue Central and check it out. Don’t have time?  Make the time.  You’ll be glad you did.

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