Loveable Charlie needs a forever home

Charlie2On a rainy night in early Summer, a tiny kitten with a shattered leg was left, alone and scared, in the night drop box at Dallas Animal Services. When the shelter vets found him the next morning, they knew he needed help, but they also realized that this was no ordinary kitten. As painful as that initial exam must have been, he never once stopped purring. Determined to save him, despite the need for costly orthopedic surgery the shelter could not provide, they reached out to Cat Matchers, a local cat rescue group.

Cat Matchers agreed to take responsibility for the kitten, and had him transferred to a local veterinarian for surgery. Once released from the vet, he moved into his new volunteer foster home, where he immediately began to win over everyone he met. This tiny kitten never hissed or complained throughout his recovery. He just purred.

About a month after the kitten, now called Charlie, arrived to begin recuperating in his foster home, three tiny kittens (eyes barely open) followed. They had been found under a house in West Dallas and would need round-the-clock care, baths, flea treatments, bottle-feeding, and lots of love.

Just a few days after the kittens arrived, though, Charlie went missing. His fosters immediately began a thorough search of every crevice, closet and possible hiding spot within the house. After several frantic minutes of looking, they finally found Charlie – right in the middle of a cuddle of kittens, busily licking their heads and tails while they snuggled as close as possible to him. From that point on, Charlie took over the role of “mom” to the three abandoned kittens.

The kittens thrived and will be adopted soon, and Charlie, now a six month-old teenager, needs a home of his own. In addition to an exceptional personality, Charlie is a very handsome guy, with silky, caramel-color fur and luminous golden eyes. He loves to play and explore, and meet new friends, and he still loves to cuddle. An ambassador of happiness, Charlie continues to spread happiness to every one he meets.

Charlie is available for adoption through Cat Matchers – – for $95 which includes all shots, his neuter, and a micro-chip. You can contact to arrange for a meeting, or to find out more about adopting Charlie.

Also, Cat Matchers is in need of donations to help offset the cost of his orthopedic surgery, which totaled over $1,000. Donations can be made online at


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