MAC and Dallas Animal Adovcates merge with Dallas Companion Animal Project creating one large, powerful organization determined to make Dallas a "No Kill" Community

Three Dallas animal welfare groups are joining forces for the good of companion animals and their owners.

Dallas Animal Advocates, the Dallas Companion Animal Project and the Metroplex Animal Coalition will now work under the same nonprofit umbrella: the Dallas Companion Animal Project (DCAP). The project began in July 2011 as the official task force appointed by the City to guide the community toward increasing programs to end the killing of adoptable animals.

The programs that all three groups have begun will continue largely as before, under the same leadership. Virtually all of the members of the boards of the former organization have signed as to serve as volunteers or as advisory members, signifying a hearty endorsement of the new organization.

The team who will serve on the board of directors of the new organization initially will be:

•    Chris Watts, President
•    Maeleska Fletes, Vice President/Secretary
•    Susan Gregory, Director
•    John McQuade, Director
•    Elaine Munch, Director
•    Mary Spencer, Director
•    Jody Jones, Director
•    Pam Asturias, Director
•    Rebecca Poling, Treasurer

“We realized that we were all working together in our various missions and found our paths crossing on an almost daily basis,” said DCAP President Chris Watts. “So we said, why not make it official? It’s been a very exciting time for us all.”

Former President of the Metroplex Animal Coalition Elaine Munch agrees.  “So many organizations were focused on the City of Dallas and the Dallas Animal Shelter for virtually the same purpose,” she said. “We wanted the public, supporters and charitable foundations to have one source to work with when they wanted to help.”

The new organization’s overall goal is to make Dallas a “no kill” city for adoptable animals by increasing emphasis on spaying and neutering, education and awareness, community outreach, pet placement and feral cat awareness.

Of the new, combined organization, Susan Gregory, former president of Dallas Animal Advocates adds: “Since we began discussions toward this consolidation, we didn’t look back. We began to immediately to test the idea, and it became natural . . . almost overnight. It was so gratifying.”

To learn more about DCAP visit:

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