Moving toward a humane community will require more pet friendly landlords

Frape, a 10 month old boxer mix available for adoption from Dallas Animal Services

What’s one of the things shelters and rescuers hear all too often? I’m moving and I can’t take my pet. Pease help me find a home for it. Why? Because so many apartment complex owners simply don’t allow pets, or if they do, they limit their size and their breed. A recent study indicates only 9% of pet-friendly apartments allow pets without any significant restrictions.

One of things that’s going to have to change for Dallas to become a more humane community is we’re going to have to convince more landlords to become “pet friendly”. Firepaw co-founders Dr Joshua M. Frank and Dr. Pamela Carlisle-Frank may be able to help. They created CARP, the Companion Animal Renters Program. CARP materials, available on their website at include a Tenant Information Book, a CARP for Landlords brochure, and the results of the CARP study conducted in 2005. They’ve also written a book, “How Landlords Can Make More Money By Going Pet-Friendly” available from If you live in an apartment and it’s not pet-friendly, maybe your landlord needs a copy?

Or, perhaps your landlord can take a cue from The Solaris apartments in Northeast Dallas. They allow pets, they have a specially designated “dog park” area, and they even provide a unique pet ID tag identifying your pet as a member of their community. And if you live at The Solaris and you adopt a pet from a local rescue or shelter, they’ll waive all pet fees (a savings of $275 – $300). Check them out at, and if you know of anyone who has a pet and is looking for a new apartment, send them the link.


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