Eight Steps To Reuniting Found Pets with their Owners

Photo credit: Dallas Animal Services

How many times have you seen a lost dog and wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do.  If you can approach him – safely – here’s a step by step guide that can help.

1. Check for identification tags. Even City-issued registration tags are traceable.

2  Walk the dog around the area where he was found.  His owners may be out looking for him, or driving the neighborhood.

3. Take the pet to the nearest shelter or veterinary clinic to have it  scanned for a microchip. Find vet clinics close to you using www.AHNow.org

3. Notify your local animal shelter.  In Dallas, alert Dallas Animal Services by emailing Tony, the Lost & Found  Coordinator at  DASLost@DallasCityHall.com. Tony can not only take your report, but he can check Lost reports on file.

4. Put up signs. Find out what information to include on your sign at www.missingpetpartnership.org

5. Contact your neighborhood or homeowner’s association.

7. Post online on Craig’s list

8. Complete the Found Pet form on the Lost Dogs of Texas Facebook page

If you are unable to temporarily house the pet until the owner is  found, please take the pet to your local shelter.  In Dallas, bring pets to Dallas Animal Services, 1818 N. Westmoreland, Dallas, 75212. The Lost & Found department is open 11am-6:30pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sunday.

City Of Dallas Ordinance 27888 states that a person commits an offense if he/she finds a dog and fails to make a reasonable effort to locate the dog’s owner within 72 hours by calling the telephone number listed on the dog’s tags; taking the dog to a veterinarian for a microchip, tattoo, or other identification screening; calling 311 to request the dog be picked up for identification screening and impoundment; or bringing the dog to our adoption center for identification screening and/or impoundment.

For more information on lost pet behaviors, including critical information for owners of lost cats, please check the Missing Pet Partnership website. Missing Pet Partnership is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost companion animals with their owners/guardians.


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1 Response to Eight Steps To Reuniting Found Pets with their Owners

  1. April says:

    Posting on Craigslist always makes me uneasy given its reputation as a source for (human & animal) abusers or fighters looking for bait dogs. Please be very careful if you use it and always trust your instincts! Local animal control *can* be a helpful source as well, especially if the pet is not licensed.

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