Richardson Rescue Dog to compete at Westminster on Saturday

Jimmy (left) and Judy (right) with owner Adrienne McLean. Photo by Martha Denton/Richardson Humane Society

Jimmy is an all American Mutt – the kind of loyal, devoted dog we all grew up with. He was adopted from the Richardson Humane Society in 2008, and now he’s about to make history. For the first time ever, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York will include agility, and will allow dogs that are not purebreds to compete. And Jimmy will be there, along with his owner Adrienne McLean, competing on behalf of rescue dogs everywhere.

According to Karen Platt Bearman, spokesperson for Richardson Humane Society, “This goes to show that being a rescue dog doesn’t come with limits – as a puppy, Jimmy was dumped in a shelter because he had ringworm. After a little tender loving care in an RHS foster home, he was soon doing agility with Adrienne and her RHS dog Judy. We at RHS are so proud of Jimmy and Adrienne and we’re rooting for them to do their best at Westminster!”

The agility competition is scheduled to be televised on Fox Sports 1 Saturday beginning at 6 pm.   Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a party celebrating rescue pets, doesn’t it?   What, no rescue pet to celebrate with?  There’s still time to adopt!  I guarantee you’ll be a winner.


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