Back to work: Why a 501c3 Matters

Time to get back to writing. I’ve been preoccupied lately, but now it’s time to gt back in the groove, so here goes!

Why do shelters only allow 501c3 organizations to pull animals? A 501c3 doesn’t prove a group is any better or more legit than individual rescuers or anyone else, right?  That’s true, but think for a moment about the importance of funding to a 501c3. There isn’t much of anything more important, is there, especially in the costly world of animal rescue?  So consider this:

  • 501c3s are the only ones who can take tax deductible donations from the public. People want to give, but they really want that deduction, too.
  • Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and other well known sites where informed donors go to check on charities before donating only allow 501c3s.
  • N.Texas Giving Day, 12 Bars of Charity and many other annual fundraising opportunities are only open to 501c3 non-profits.
  • Private foundations, both locally and nationally offer grants only to 501c3 non-profit organizations.
  • The general public considers a 501c3 to be a financial seal of approval for charities. Can your organization afford not to be a 501c3?

No, a 501c3 designation alone doesn’t ensure continued success, nor the ability to properly care for the animals in your care, but it sure does help – with the funding to care for those pets, as well as your reputation. It proves your organization can be sustainable, and helps reassure the shelter that they won’t get that same dog/cat/rabbit back in a few months when you run out of time and money, and throw your hands up and walk away.



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2 Responses to Back to work: Why a 501c3 Matters

  1. Joanne Croteau says:

    I could not leave a comment on this post:

    But came across it because a local rescue run by Teresa Weldon was looking for donations on a case of parvo puppies. The post itself was a little off so I decided to google. Unfortunately she has been as alive as ever and operating under Mutts Galore (same EIN as FP&H)

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