City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission Annual Reports and DAS Accomplishments By Year

2015-09-20 11.46.56I was appointed to the Animal Shelter Commission (when it was still called that) in October of 2007 by then Councilwoman Linda Koop.  I was reappointed by her in 2009 and 2011, and by her succcessor Councilman Lee Kleinman in 2013. One thing that always bothered me  was that no one knew or understood what we did. The meetings are always held during the day and most people can’t make it. Our agendas were always posted by the City as required by State and Federal law, but never our minutes.  We tried many times to fix that, but the City Secretary’s office wouldn’t publish them and the City PIO didn’t have a place for them.
Now that I’m not on the Commission anymore because of term limits, I want to do something about that. So here for your review are the Annual Reports from the Animal Shelter Commission beginning with 2007-2008 through 2013-2014. While I’m at it, I’ll add the list of accomplishments at DAS as well (in case you want to skip the boring stuff, these are pulled from the annual reports for the most part).  Oh, and by the way, the Commission reports are public records, on file with the City Secretary, so they are not confidential.








On the upside, I did finally convince the Webgroup at City Hall to help us out and put the DAS Statistical Reports online, so if you are interested in intake/outcomes they are now online – check it out on the Dallas Animal Services website.

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