What about Antoinette Brown? Three Months Later and No One Has Been Charged

mauledWhat about Antoinette Brown? It’s been more than three months since the tragedy. Dallas Police told the Dallas Morning News back in June that the owners could face criminal charges. The owner of the dogs who allegedly mauled Antoinette Brown to death surrendered the dogs to Dallas Animal Services and they were subsequently euthanized. But the owner was never charged. No one was. A woman dies a violent death in Dallas, the people responsible for her death are known, and yet no one is being prosecuted. Why is that? Why has DPD not charged the owner? Are we a City so heartless that we’re going to let her death go un-prosecuted?

The Animal Advisory Commission of the City of Dallas asked the same question last week. They got no answer. The Dallas Morning News continues to call for new management at Dallas Animal Services, but remains silent on the lack of prosecution in this case?  Are they trying to distract us from the real story?  Why aren’t they demanding answers from DPD? Where is the outrage?  Where are the answers?

Maybe someone can help me understand.

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6 Responses to What about Antoinette Brown? Three Months Later and No One Has Been Charged

  1. Jonnie England says:

    Has DAS presented evidence to the police that confirms those dogs killed her? Last I heard DNA tests were being done. Have those results come back yet? With no eye witnesses, that would seem to be the only or at least best evidence they could have.

    • Rebecca Poling says:

      That would be DPD, not DAS. DPD handled the DNA testing. Maybe you could ask Scott Walton?

      • Jonnie England says:

        Not a bad idea, but probably asking Chief Rob Sherwin would be better since he’s overseeing DAS.

  2. Garnell McMichael says:

    WHY has no one answered the Animal Advisory Commission?? This is outrageous.

  3. Charles Mann says:

    Who buried Antoinette Brown? Did she have any family at all? Anyone to speak up for her in litigation? Or was she just another dead homeless soul the city doesn’t have to worry about any more?
    The answers to these questions have much to do with how this case is being handled by the city. It’s not as if some other homeless person is going to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.

    Now, if someone like, say, Walt Humann, or Ray Hunt, got chewed up…

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