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Today My Heart Is Broken. RIP Norton, August 1999 – August 2016

Today my heart is broken. This morning we had to say goodbye to the best dog ever. It was 17 years ago this month that he and his sister ran out in front of my car on Gaston Avenue. They … Continue reading

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Natinsky's Law, the Silver Lining and Why History Matters

Natinsky’s Law. A friend cringes every time I call it that. But that’s what it is. It’s the result of a City Council representative’s desire to stop hearing one resident’s continued criticism of the City for not doing enough to … Continue reading

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Dallas Loose Dog Problem Needs Some Context

Context, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary; “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.” For months now we’ve been told Dallas’ loose dog … Continue reading

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Fee Waived Adoptions, Take Two

Apparently I’m not the only one who is a proponent. Christie makes some good observations on “What opponents of free pet adoptions don’t get.”  Check it out.  It’s from 2012. Change is slow in animal welfare.

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News You Can Use, with a Serving of Opinion on the Side

In the news and current events category…..  It seems like the heat and the pressure of an extended puppy and kitten season is getting to everyone.  Too many animals, too much to do, to little time and nowhere near enough … Continue reading

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Soapbox Moment: Thinking about shipping pets as cargo? Read this first.

On Sunday, I caught an afternoon flight back from Kansas City  to DFW.  I had just settled into my seat when I looked out my window to see this:  Two crates containing live animals – puppies no less – abandoned … Continue reading

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Moving toward a humane community will require more pet friendly landlords

What’s one of the things shelters and rescuers hear all too often? I’m moving and I can’t take my pet. Pease help me find a home for it. Why? Because so many apartment complex owners simply don’t allow pets, or … Continue reading

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Starbucks drops the ball on dog adoptions; PetSmart saves the day

Let me start by saying, I like Starbucks. I like the coffee, the stores are a great place to meet, and they’re generally socially conscious. They don’t mind if people bring their dogs and sit on the patio to sip … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Reverend Wright, Sadie, and the bond for Darius Ewing

When Darius Ewing, the man accused of burning a puppy in Pleasant Grove last month, turned himself in a judge set his bond at $ 100,000. His lawyer has since requested a bond reduction hearing because his family can’t afford … Continue reading

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Westminster viewers don't want to see homeless pets in shelters, even in commercials

Have you seen the latest news from the famous Westminster Dog Show?  Turns out their viewers are turned off by Pedigree’s ads promoting dog adoption.  You know – the ones featuring dogs left in shelters because someone didn’t spay/neuter their … Continue reading

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