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What about Antoinette Brown? Three Months Later and No One Has Been Charged

What about Antoinette Brown? It’s been more than three months since the tragedy. Dallas Police told the Dallas Morning News back in June that the owners could face criminal charges. The owner of the dogs who allegedly mauled Antoinette Brown … Continue reading

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On a Personal Note – Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover. Ever.

When you don’t know someone well, and you don’t take the time to get to know them, it’s easy to underestimate them.  For example, last week someone judged me to be a crazy cat lady who cared only about the … Continue reading

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Clear The Shelters. It's a Good Day.

Got questions about Clear The Shelters and who the people are who adopt at this event? Are you worried that shelters are giving pets away to dog fighters to be used as bait dogs or to satanists for torture? Well, … Continue reading

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Experts apply intelligence and reason to debate on Dallas' loose dog issues

Today the Dallas Morning News published a Letter to the Editor authored by Skip Trimble, well-known attorney, former City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission Chair and THLN co-founder; Jim Hanophy, Executive Director or Operation Kindnes, Texas’ oldest and largest No … Continue reading

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From 72% kill rate to 72% save rate: A milestone for Dallas on the road to No-Kill

In July of 2011, then Code Compliance Director Joey Zapata asked me to chair a City task force to take on the job of pulling together a group of local animal welfare leaders to create a blue print to get Dallas to … Continue reading

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City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission Annual Reports and DAS Accomplishments By Year

I was appointed to the Animal Shelter Commission (when it was still called that) in October of 2007 by then Councilwoman Linda Koop.  I was reappointed by her in 2009 and 2011, and by her succcessor Councilman Lee Kleinman in … Continue reading

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Dallas Animal Services wins No Place Like Home Award from Best Friends Animal Society

Dallas Animal Services was the municipal shelter singled out for the No Place Like Home Award by Best Friends Animal Societya®, the only national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. … Continue reading

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Dallas Companion Animal Project presents “Real Men Care and Real Women Count" Sunday 11/16

Dallas Companion Animal Project and TNT/ Tacos and Tequila Restaurant are joining forces to present “Real Men Care and Real Women Count”, an event honoring advocates within our community who have shown tireless dedication to making our community a better place … Continue reading

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Pets For Life debuts in Dallas – 450 Pet Owners Served

In May of 2012, I attended Animal Care Expo in Las Vegas and learned about a brand new community outreach program called “Pets For Life”.  At that time, the City of Dallas No Kill task force was wrapping up, having … Continue reading

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Animal Issues – Civil or Criminal, and why does it matter?

On Monday, the Quality of Life Committee of the Dallas City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting.  What you probably heard from the mainstream media about that meeting was that there is talk about the City cracking down on unlicensed … Continue reading

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